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Here Again, Gone Again: Onsite/Offsite Storage On Your Terms

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The biggest hassle with storing anything is that it is never quite as convenient as you would like. Rather than load up your car, a moving truck or your friend's pickup and haul your stuff to a storage unit and then later drive back again to look for what you want to retrieve, consider a newer and more modern option. This option allows you to get a storage unit delivered to your doorstep and retrieved any time you want.

Onsite Then out of Sight

Most "personal storage garage" companies offer a couple different sizes of sheds you can rent monthly. Usually six or seven feet long by eight feet high and eight feet wide is the smallest, going all the way up sixteen or twenty feet long. The company you select allows you to make your reservation and first month's payment online. Then they deliver the unit to your doorstep. You fill it up with all of the stuff you do not want to dispose of but have to get out of your house, and then the company retrieves the unit and places it in their warehouse. 

Benefits of This Type of Storage

Besides removing a ton of clutter from your home, this type of "pod" storage provides you with:

  • units equivalent in size and price to what you would rent from a stationary site
  • control over the security of your unit(s) because you can use your own locks on the doors
  • the convenience of staying home to store your stuff and get it back out of the unit again
  • payment options that work with your budget

This type of self-storage has become so popular that now stationary storage companies have begun to offer it to customers in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional self-storage.

Retrieving Your Stuff

If you want your collection of furs or your childhood toys back, all you have to do is call the toll-free number the company gave you when you signed the lease. Most places will charge you a delivery and pickup fee each time you want to fetch something from your unit, but again, you could look at it as a "convenience" fee, since you do not have to leave home to get to your unit. If you would prefer not to pay a delivery and pickup charge, the units are durable enough to leave on your property all year long, making your extra drive-way space your personal storage facility. Talk to places like Afford It Mini Storage for options.