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The Future Of Technology For Real Estate: Viewing Houses From Remote Locations

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Technology has permeated all industries, including the real estate one. As a potential home buyer, there are some applications that you can use (or will soon use) to view houses without actually visiting them. Here are three examples:

Viewing 3D Virtual Tours

A three-dimensional (3D) virtual tour enables you to view all the rooms and features of a house online. In essence, you will be viewing the cyber version of the exact house in which you are interested. You can even zoom in and out on features of interest – such as toilet seats.

The pictures, which are recorded by 3D scanners, are uploaded onto a computer program that creates an online model of the house in question. The models are then uploaded onto suitable databases for prospective clients to browse through.

Some realtors are even taking the experience to the next level by providing interactive versions of their houses. This allows you to play around with some of the visual of the house. For example, you can choose a different color for the lounge and gauge how it would look like if painted in that color. The good news is that this technology is already in widespread usage.

Viewing Drone Videos and Pictures

If 3D models don't cut it for you, then you can resort to drone videos and pictures. Drones, which are unmanned aircraft, are fitted with video recorders and cameras and then flown over a house.  The drone cameras can also zoom in and out for different details of the house.

Apart from that, the drone can also record features and infrastructure of the neighborhood. This is interesting because, as a potential home buyer, you also want to know how your prospective neighborhood looks like.

Note that drone usage for commercial purposes is just getting gaining mainstream acceptance. There are still a lot of regulations and red tape to cut before every realtor is allowed to operate them. Therefore, you should expect all realtors to have such listings.

Navigating Virtual Reality

If you want something more immersive, then you should try the virtual reality (VR) real estate experience. Though a relatively young industry, VR is developing fast, and you should start to see its applications in real estate soon.

This is more or less the same as taking a virtual reality tour online, but the exception is that you get to immerse yourself into the videos and pictures by donning a VR headset. You can walk around as if you are actually in the house you are viewing, the images are lifelike.

Although these applications would be useful in the real estate industry, some people don't feel that they can replace the traditional option of actually viewing the houses they wish to purchase. Still, you can use them for preliminary viewing so that you can cross of an obviously bad property without going to the scene. What do you think?  If you want to know more, contact a company like with any questions.