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3 House Showing Mistakes That Can Cost You The Offer

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Selling a home is like being a contestant on a reality show contest. You must complete a gauntlet of challenges and hope the judges, potential buyers, like your home more than the other houses on the market vying for their votes. One thing that can get your home quickly voted off the island is a bad house showing. Here are three mistakes you'll want to avoid when showing your home to potentials buyers.

Not Removing Questionable Home Decor

A decorated home is generally easier to sell because it lets buyers see how the space can be utilized. Tacky or objectionable furniture and wall decor, however, can distract from your home's good features and even send the buyer running out the front door.

For instance, you may be very proud of your nude portrait because it's the best you ever looked in your life. The people viewing your home may not be as comfortable viewing that type of art, though, especially if you live in an area with a lot of conservative or religious people.

Take a walk through your home with a critical eye and replace questionable items with something more neutral and appealing. It may be worth the cost to consult with a professional home stager about things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Stalking Potential Buyers

For one reason or another, some sellers feel compelled to be there when the real estate agent shows the home. It may be that they want to keep an eye on their belongings or simply want to be there to answer any questions the buyers may have.

This may not be as troublesome if the homeowner is discreet and stays out of sight. Unfortunately, some people take things to the extreme and follow the agent and potential home buyer from room to room, talking incessantly, and generally getting in the way of the sale.

If you're serious about selling your home, you should not be there during showings unless your presence is requested. Like bad decor, you will only divert attention away from your home's good qualities and may even leave potential buyers with a bad impression of the house that can result in zero offers.

Leaving Personal Information Lying Around

One of the more egregious mistakes you can make is leaving paperwork, credit card statements, and other personal information lying about. People are naturally curious and will look at it if they come across it while touring your home. Not only can this expose you to potential credit card fraud or identity theft, you could end up getting much less than you want for your home if that information gives potential buyers an advantage over you.

If you leave a stack of past due notices sitting on the kitchen counter, for instance, a potential buyer may infer that you're desperate to sell your home and offer you significantly less than you're asking for. To avoid this and similar outcomes, secure your private information in inaccessible areas. 

For more home selling tips, contact a real estate agent near you.