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Don't Want To Rent Anymore? A Manufactured Home Might Be The Right Choice For You

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The housing market can be incredibly difficult to enter, especially if you feel you haven't saved enough for a downpayment or have never owned a home before. The rising house prices often prevent couples and families from buying a home at all, and they must continue renting for the foreseeable future. However, hope is not lost for those not wishing to rent any longer; you also have the option of purchasing a manufactured home, which could prove to the right choice for you.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home, or a pre-fabricated home, is a house which is built entirely in a factory setting, then moved to a plot of land and installed there. They include everything a traditional house has – a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, as well as living room settings. The cost to build these houses is substantially lower than traditional houses, so the cost to you tends to be lower to buy one.

Are Tiny Homes Considered Manufactured Homes?

It is possible to consider a "tiny home" a manufactured house, if you bought it from a company that builds them. While the majority of tiny homes are situated on wheels, it is possible to make them more permanent and move them from their trailer onto a foundation. It is also possible to have a tiny home built that was never on a trailer to begin with. It ends up being cheaper to heat and cool the home, due to its size, and electricity consumption tends to be low, resulting in much more affordable electric bills.

Shipping Container Homes

Along the same lines of a true manufactured home is the option of a shipping container home. A shipping container home is also manufactured in a factory setting and comes to you with everything you need to run it. You can choose from a smaller home to a rather large building that still won't break the budget of most buyers. The electrical bill and water bills for shipping container homes typically beat those of renter's utilities they may pay on top of their rent. They are also completely movable and can be dismantled and moved to a new location should you decide to change cities.

With all manufactured homes, you will get a choice of design and layout options, the type of countertops you want and if you want a dishwasher or washer/dryer combination in the home. The cost to purchase a manufactured home will vary depending on the company building it, but overall you will see obvious savings to purchasing a traditional home and even savings over renting. Contact a company like Country West Mobile Home Park for more information.