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Renting Your Home Out? These Three Perks Protect Your Investment and Attract New Renters

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Getting ready to rent a home out? Here are three perks you can offer tenants that will help keep your property in tip-top shape so you can attract renters more easily in the future:

Stock Up a Tool Shed

Stocking up a tool shed in the yard is an excellent way to make sure that your rental home stays in good shape while tenants are occupying the place. By making sure that your tenants have access to a lawn mower, weed wacker, and gardening supplies, they'll be more likely to take care of the yard so your landscaping remains intact and thrives. In addition to landscaping supplies, stock the shed with resources and tools that can be used to keep other aspects of your rental home in good shape while it's occupied, such as

  • Filters for the HVC system so they can be changed regularly.

  • Stain removers for the carpets, curtains, and other interior materials.

  • Drain cleaners and pipe-insulating supplies to protect the plumbing.

The idea is to provide your renters with the tools and supplies they need to keep your home in optimal condition while living there so that it's less time consuming and costly to get the place ready for new tenants in the future.

Pay for a Yearly Project

Consider offering your tenants a voucher once a year to complete a small home-improvement project of their choice. This will give your renters an opportunity to fix something up that will make them more comfortable while living there, and this will also improve the performance and appeal of your home. This will help attract new tenants when you need to put the place up for rent again in the future.

Make a list of home updates that you're willing to pay for and present the list to your tenants upon their move-in and when they renew their lease each year. They can then choose a project to complete if they'd like, and you can send them a voucher to a local home-improvement store that covers the basic costs of materials.

Provide a Dumpster Rental

It's a good idea to have a dumpster rental dropped off at the rental house about a week before renters are scheduled to move out so they can use it to clean up as they pack and transport their things to a new location. With access to a dumpster, your tenants can throw away things both small and large without having to worry about going to the dump themselves, and this will minimize the chance that debris and junk gets left behind once they officially move out. Schedule to have the dumpster taken away at least a week after your renters move out so you have time to go through the property and get rid of anything left behind that you don't want there.

These tips and tricks will help keep your rental home in good shape while people are occupying the space so that it's easier and less expensive to attract new tenants when the time comes. Talk to a professional such as SWE Homes for more advice about making your property easier to rent.