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Four Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Broker To Find A Family-Friendly Neighborhood

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If you are in the market for a new home and have small children, you'll come to depend on your real estate broker to find a suitable neighborhood. Well-versed real estate agents know which areas are kid-friendly and which ones to steer clear of. Below are four reasons to let your broker take the lead in your home search.

Considers Compatibility with the Neighbors

Families, especially those with younger, active children, tend to be more comfortable around neighbors who don't mind a little noise. Kids are active and since they haven't quite figured out their "volume controls," they tend to shout. An impromptu ball game in the middle of the street can be a noisy affair, especially as the excitement level increases. Neighbors that don't mind being around kids are usually more tolerant if that ball ends up going over the fence and into their yard. Realtors that really know their areas have already figured out the kid-friendly zones.

Knows the Best Neighborhood School Locations

Finding a neighborhood with a local school is a plus. If the schools are assigned, that means that most of the kids in the neighborhood will be going to the same place. That makes it easier to set up carpools with the neighbors or even let older children walk to school with a buddy if it's not too far. Typically a neighborhood has a primary school within its borders. Middle and high schools are often shared. Your real estate agent can often find homes that are reasonably close to all three school types, saving you time and gas money.

Finds Neighborhoods with Best Ranking Public Schools

While a school's physical location is a factor, providing the best education possible is just as important. Getting into a good public school eliminates the need to enroll children in costly private schools.  According to Private School Review, the average tuition cost nationwide for the 2015-2016 school year was $8,522 for elementary students and $12,953 for high school. Real estate agents know which public schools rank the best in their territories. Let them steer you in the right direction and you can save quite a bit of cash.

Steers You Towards Neighborhoods That Better Retain Home Values

Eventually your kids will grow up and you may consider downsizing. Family-friendly neighborhoods with good schools are consistently in demand. Homes tend to hold their value and usually sell fairly quickly. A real estate broker can find you a home that suits your family in the present and starts building your nest egg for the future.