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4 Things Rental Houses Offer That Are Not Available With Most Apartments

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As you begin looking for a place to rent, you will probably notice that there are both houses and apartments available for rent. Renting a house will probably be more expensive than renting an apartment; however, rental houses offer a lot more than apartments. Here are four things you are likely to find in a rental house that you might have trouble finding with an apartment.


There are some apartment complexes that offer garages, but the majority do not. If you have a nice vehicle that you want to protect, having a garage might be a necessity for you. In addition, if you have a lot of garage items to store, renting a house that has a garage could eliminate the need to have to rent a storage unit. If you rent an apartment, on the other hand, you may also have to rent a storage unit just to have enough space for your things.

Three Bedrooms

Apartments come in many different sizes, but finding one that has three bedrooms is a lot harder than finding one that has one or two bedrooms. If you really need at least three bedrooms in your rental property, selecting a house to rent is probably a better option. Many houses for rent have three bedrooms, and some may have more than this.


One key difference between a house and an apartment is privacy. In an apartment, you will likely have dozens of neighbors all within the same building, and this can leave you with very little privacy. When you rent a house, you can have a place that is all yours. If it is a single-family home, you may have neighbors; however, the neighbors will not be living in the same building as you are. If you want privacy, renting a house is always a better option than renting an apartment.


If having a yard is important to you, you will probably be leaning towards renting a house instead of an apartment. With apartments, you probably will not have any type of yard at all. With a house, you will. It may not be huge, but at least you will have some space outside to use.

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