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Should You Buy A House Without A Garage?

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Have you found the seemingly perfect home, only to realize it's lacking one thing: a garage? For many home buyers, the lack of a garage is a deal breaker. But it does not have to be. There are ways to work around the lack of a garage and even some advantages of buying such a property. Here's a look.

You could put up a temporary car port.

If keeping your car protected from the weather is a major concern, consider putting up a temporary car port in the winter months. These structures are sold at home improvement stores and they're much like big tents. They have metal legs and a vinyl roof structure that keeps snow and rain off your vehicle. You should be able to put one up over the end of your driveway so you can pull your car right in. The car port should be easy to take up and put down, so you can move it out of the way if needed.

Consider purchasing a small shed for storage.

Many people use their garages to store items like lawn mowers and garden tools. But a storage shed can provide the same shelter. You can purchase affordable plastic storage sheds at a home improvement store. These sheds snap together in just a few minutes. You can place these small sheds anywhere on your property, so they may even end up being more convenient than a garage.

Save money by making a lower offer.

If you think you can make do without a garage and you really like the home otherwise, this may be an opportunity for you to save. The homeowners are likely having trouble selling the home because of its lack of a garage. So make a low offer and see what happens. If they don't accept the offer, you can always increase it just a little and still get a great deal since the house is lacking a common selling point.

Look for other storage spaces.

Since you won't have a garage for storage, check to ensure there are other places for storage before you purchase the home. For instance, is there a spacious basement, mud room, or spare bedroom you can use for extra furniture? As long as you're sure there's space somewhere for storage, not having a garage shouldn't be a major concern.

If you've found a house you love but it lacks a garage, don't let that hold you back!

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