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2 Surefire Ways To Scare Away Home Buyers With A Lack Of Curb Appeal

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When you put your home for sale, you probably fretted about a variety of practical issues that your home may have. You may have gone over a mental checklist of when you last had an exterminator check for termites and how long ago you put the roof on your house. The practical concerns that home sellers have don't often extend to the little details outside your home, but those can leave the biggest impression.

The first thing that potential home buyers see when driving up to your house is the exterior of your home, your yard, and the details that they can gather from the condition of the house, yard, and driveway. This is call your home's curb appeal. If you have trash strewn across your driveway or a lawn that is in disarray, some home seekers won't even get out of their car. They will assume you did not care for your home and will keep on driving without giving it a chance. If you do the following things, you are certain to scare away home buyers with your home's utter lack of curb appeal.

Skip Moving the Lawn or Raking the Leaves

Since your lawn tends to take up the most space when it comes to your home's exterior, it is often the first thing that people notice when they are arriving at your home. If you go weeks without mowing the lawn or neglect to rake a lot of fallen leaves, it sends the message that you do not take upkeep of your yard, and therefore your home, seriously. Home buyers may then assume that you have similarly neglected the home itself. Instead, take the time to mow your lawn each week when you know that perspective buyers will soon be around, and remove any clutter or trash from your yard each day.

Ignore Peeling Paint on Your Door or Front Porch

The world isn't going to end, and you are not even going to get a "check paint job" light to alert you when the paint starts to peel on your front door or porch area. However, it can leave a very unfavorable impression on potential home buyers. As they stand with a real estate agent who unlocks and opens the door, they may spot peeling paint and start to envision a bug-infested, creepy old house. After all, it is a lifestyle that home buyers are ultimately seeking, and peeling paint does not remind people of the good life. Instead, make sure to freshly paint all areas of your home's exterior before a real estate agent shows your home.

Finally, remember that you have one single chance to leave a favorable impression on potential home buyers. Don't make those curb appeal mistake that may leave your home on the market for a long time. Instead, take the time and effort to do things the right way. Make sure your home looks like a beautiful haven that is conducive to a desirable lifestyle both inside and outside the house. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Macaluso Realty.