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Buying A Home To Retire Into

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Many people decide to buy a new home 5 to 10 years out from retirement. This may be to have a space that is more manageable, to be near family, or to have a nice place to pass along to the kids. Whatever your reasoning for considering homes for sale, here are some things that matter to soon-to-be retirees when choosing a place to live.

An Area of Opportunity

One big thing to look at is what the community can offer you in retirement. Whatever activities you wish to participate in, research opportunities to get involved. You may also have a certain climate or landscape in mind.

Close to Family

On the other hand, some people prioritize buying a home that is close to family. Once retired, you'll have a lot more free time that you can devote to catching up with family members, and it's limiting to have to get on a plane to see them.


Many people decide to downsize their homes when they are planning to go into retirement. If you've worked your whole life, do you want to spend more of it cleaning up a large home? Keeping your home and number of possessions small is a great way to make things more manageable.


Thinking about the future, accessibility may become a big issue in your retirement home. When possible, think about sticking with a property that is a single level, since stairs can become a pain to traverse. It's not entirely impossible, though, because there are options for installing chair lifts. Also think about whether the home is spacious enough to install hand rails and other accessibility aides that you may want in the future.

Resources for Seniors

Finally, if you plan to live in this home for the rest of your life, you may want to start planning for how you would access senior services if you need them. This could include access to medical care, senior social services, and home help. Many people decide to choose their next home within designated 55 communities so that they are guaranteed to have access to these amenities for seniors. But if you don't wish to do that, at least research the community to see what options would be available to you in the future. All of these bits of research will help you choose the property and location that will serve your needs for many years to come.