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Senior Apartments Vs Living With Children: Which Is Better?

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The list of sacrifices your parents made to give you a great life cannot even begin to be tallied. So, when your parent gets older and decides to move out of the familial home, inviting them to stay with you seems right. While this transition is not bad, it is not always the best course of action. In more ways than one, helping your loved one transition to a senior apartment community makes more sense. 


Senior apartment communities are designed with seniors in mind. They typically offer a variety of activities an older adult would enjoy, including game nights, book clubs, social teas, and aerobics classes. On the other hand, your home and lifestyle are geared with your young family in mind, which might not align with your parent's agenda. Living in a community with like-minded people ensures your parent has a good time and remains socially active, which is vital for their overall health.

Lifestyle Factors

As previously mentioned, the home of a younger family is typically geared toward their wants and needs, which might pose an issue in some instances. For example, as much as your parent might love their grandchildren, they might equally love the peacefulness of silence while at home. When your parent lives in a senior living community, they get to lead a lifestyle they see fit, which will keep your mom or dad happier and more comfortable. 


If you welcomed your parent into your home, you would invite them to live in your home as if it were their own. However, even with such a warm welcome, your loved one might struggle with feeling independent. Having their own place to decorate, be comfortable in, and call their own ensures your loved one keeps the independence they need to continue to feel like an essential and capable member of society.


Since senior apartment communities are designed with older adults in mind, each unit is full of amenities with this population in mind. For example, many of these communities offer larger doorways and walkways to accommodate any residents that might require the assistance of a walker or wheelchair. They also tend to have step-in showers to make bathing a safer process with lower fall risk. All these amenities are designed to keep your loved of safer.

The advantages of senior apartment communities are too plentiful to list. Make sure your loved one explores these options first. 

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