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There's No Place Like Home: 5 Ways To Make It Easier And Safer For Seniors To Remain At Home

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"I want to stay in my own home," is a frequent sentiment expressed by the elderly all across America every day. Here are some ways you can make it safer and more enjoyable for your loved ones to continue their sense of independence while remaining comfortable at home.

Meals on Wheels

Ensuring your relative's nutritional intake is good is imperative to their health and well-being. Many times after the death of their mate, the surviving spouse doesn't see the use in cooking meals any longer. But opening a can of soup or cooking a T.V. dinner won't adequately supply the necessary nutrients for continued good health. The elderly can also simply forget to eat, not feeling the pangs of hunger quite as strongly anymore. By enrolling them in the national Meals on Wheels program or a similar organization, you can have peace of mind they are eating properly.

Medical Alert Systems

Everyone has seen the commercials where an elderly person has fallen and is unable to call for help. It is a horrible scenario to imagine. Enroll your loved ones with one of the many companies that provide medical alert systems so this nightmare never has to happen. In addition to wearable pendants, emergency buttons can be installed throughout the home so that if a fall happens or signs of a heart attack arise, they can quickly summon help.

Household Chores

A weekly house cleaning service is invaluable to an older adult. It isn't easy to perform cleaning tasks as one ages. Stooping, kneeling and bending become more difficult, and some chores, such as scrubbing the kitchen or bathroom floor, can be downright hazardous. Invest in the services of a reliable house cleaning service to help keep their home neat and tidy. Contact a company like A-1 Maid Service Inc for more information about the services they provide.

Personal Care

A personal care assistant can make tending to hygiene matters more comfortable for everyone. Many accidents happen in the bathroom. Having an attendant to assist with bathing, washing hair and other activities is money well spent. Assistants can also help with other duties, such as grocery shopping, laundry, running errands, or taking them to doctor's appointments.

Community Resources

Contact your local, state or federal area council on aging. They have many resources and programs available to senior citizens that may be able to help defray the costs of staying in the home. They can also assist with installing safety devices, such as grab bars in the bathroom or a wheelchair ramp.