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How To Pack Sharp And Dangerous Items For Storage

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Some goods are easy to pack away and not worry about again until you take them out of the self storage unit. Most decorations, small appliances, and bedding items fall into this category. Other items, such as knives, blender blades, and razors must be packed with safety in mind so someone does not accidentally become injured when they're removed from storage. Here are a few tips to help you safely store those sharp and dangerous items.


Avoid slicing yourself by wrapping each knife's blade in a thick layer of newspaper. Part of an old magazine works well, too. Use plenty of tape to secure the newspaper in place. Tape all around the newspaper-covered blade so that it stays tightly bound, and use another piece of tape to wrap around the border between the newspaper covering and the knife handle so that the paper does not simply slide off.

Blenders and food processors

If possible, store these appliances with their blades in place. Stuff the blender or food processor with tissue paper, and tape a note to its lid that reads "blade inside" so no one reaches in and gets cut. Tape the lid on the machine so it does not fall off. If you cannot store the blade in the appliance because it's loose and does not stay in place while the machine is not running, place the blade in a plastic container, tape the lid shut, and label it.


Place your razors in a sturdy plastic container with a lid so they don't cut you when you reach into a box. Label the top "razors, sharp" so that no one opens the container and cuts themselves accidentally. Nail files and scissors can be packed the same way.

Easily breakable glass items

This includes ceramic dishes, mugs and glass bowls. If you place all of these items loosely in a box and one of them breaks, whoever opens the box may cut themselves on sharp shards of glass. It's best to wrap each item individually in a layer of newspaper or tissue paper, and use tape to secure the paper. This way, if an item breaks, the glass will be contained.

Packing can be a stressful and busy job, but it is not one that you should rush through. Take the time to pack safely now, and you can prevent injuries from occurring later on when you open your boxes to unpack them.