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Self-Storage Unit: The Best Type For Storing Items From An Attic For A Long Time

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Do you need to get rid of a lot of items in an attic so it can be renovated? You don't have to sell or give anything away that you want to keep because you can place the items in a self-storage unit. In this article, learn what type of storage unit is the most ideal for long-term storage needs and the cost of a monthly rental.

What Type of Self-Storage Unit is Ideal for a Long-Term Use?

The key to storing your belongings for a long time without worrying about anything getting damaged is to rent a climate controlled storage unit. You want a unit that will give you the ability to control the humidity to avoid too much moisture. A lot of moisture can be harmful to everything you are taking out of the attic, especially if there are photographs or items made out of wood.

Photographs can become faded, yellow and useless from moisture. If the photographs are family memories, you will want them stored in the safest way possible. As for wooden items, they can become damaged from moisture causing the wood to expand and crack up. You can keep the temperature in a climate controlled storage unit set at a level that is not too hot or cold.

A climate controlled storage unit is also ideal because bad weather will have no effect on your belongings. For instance, units that are not climate controlled are usually secured by a roll up door that can allow rainwater to seep inside. A climate controlled unit is commonly located in a building with no direct link to the exterior or bad weather. A unit located on the inside of a building is also more secure than other storage units.

What is the Estimated Monthly Price of a Self-Storage Unit?

Depending on the type of self-storage unit chosen, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $230 per month for the rental. If you opt of a climate controlled unit, the average monthly minimum you will pay is $170 for one that is 10x20 feet. You can choose a unit size that is based on how much is coming out of the attic.

Don't rush with getting rid of your belongings to clear out the attic for a renovation. Just because you don't want the items cluttering up your home does not mean there is no other way to store them. Rent a self-storage unit to take care of the problem and keep your belongings!