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Self Storage Units: Keeping Things Organized For Easy Access

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In an attempt to fit as much as possible into a small storage unit, individuals will often pile everything they can on top of each other. The problem with this is, when the time comes to remove a few items from the storage unit, finding the few items you need can seem virtually impossible. Add to that the need to physically move hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of other items in order to access the ones that you need, and the option of simply buying a replacement item suddenly seems far more attractive. This is precisely why so many items go into storage units and never come out. Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening in your case by taking just a few steps to organize your storage unit for easy access.

Step 1: Use Large, Color Coded Labels

When labeling boxes, many people simply write on one side of the box using a pen or marker. The problem with this is, once the box ends up in a large stack of boxes, it can be virtually impossible to see the identifying information you wrote on the box. This means that you will be stuck pulling out each box in your storage unit and carefully inspecting the written information in order to determine what is inside. This process can be both time consuming and physically strenuous. Thankfully, this process can be made much easier by simply using large, color coded labels that can be easily seen from a distance.

When selecting labels for your boxes, choose a single color for each type of item you will be storing. For instance, blue labels can be used for spare clothing, while red labels represent seasonal decorations. This will allow you to quickly minimize the number of boxes you need to look at when searching for a particular item.

Step 2: Create Aisles

When placing items into your storage unit, it is essential that you leave space for you to navigate your way through this unit at a later date. The best way to do this is by creating aisles between each row of boxes or furniture that you will be storing. Not only will these aisles make it much easier for you to move from the front of your storage unit to the back, but they will also provide you with the room you need to remove larger items from the rear of your storage unit without removing the items located in front of them.

Step 3: Create A Map

Chances are, several weeks or even months may pass between the time you place your items into storage and the time you return to retrieve some items. While you may know exactly where everything is located right now, there is a good chance that this memory will fade by the time you access your storage unit again. That is why it is such a good idea to make a map of your storage unit.

By creating a map that indicates the location of all major items within your storage unit, you will be able to minimize the amount of time spent looking for the items you need. Just be sure to update this map each time an item is added to or removed from your storage unit in order to ensure it remains accurate. To learn more about self storage, visit Central Storage