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8 Reasons To Re-Key Your Home Locks

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Secure, quality door locks and deadbolts are the foundation of a safe, protected home. However, even the most premium locks have no defense against a spare key in the wrong hands. If one or more of these 8 scenarios describe your situation, it's probably time your had your locks re-keyed:  

1. Just moved. If you've just bought a home or moved to a new rental, re-keying the locks (or having the landlord take care of it) will bring more peace of mind and added safety.

2. You've misplaced one or more of your keys. If you've ever lost a key, you just never know who might find it and connect it with your home. Why take that chance?

3. You want to consolidate keys. You can make life a little bit easier by consolidating your door locks so that one key works in all of them.

4. Who has a spare? If you've given out the keys to your home in the past and lost track of who has a set, it's definitely time to re-key the locks. Tenants, neighbors, and service people may still have keys to your home.

5. A stolen purse. If your purse is stolen with your keys still in it, the thief has your keys and most likely your home address as well (printed on your driver's license). Have your home re-keyed immediately.

6. Your home is burglarized. If you're ever the victim of a break-in, the thief could find and steal a spare house key that you've forgotten about. Re-key your locks before they have the chance to come back again and rob you again.

7. Your lock has seen better days. If your current locks or deadbolts are prone to jamming, sticking or becoming loose, it's time to re-key (or perhaps even replace the whole lockset).

8. You just want to upgrade. If you currently have a basic level of lock security, consider upgrading to a higher-end make and model that will be more secure.

When it comes to the safety and security of your home and family, why take chances? Re-keying or replacing your locks and deadbolts can bring peace of mind that will make it well worth the cost. If you purchase brand new locks, consider investing in a make and model that allows you to easily re-key your locks down the road. When in doubt, consult a professional lock and key service for advice and installation expertise.

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