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3 Busted Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

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Ask anyone what type of home pest they find hardest to eliminate and there is a good chance that cockroaches will be their number one answer. These creepy critters are some of the toughest, resilient, and downright stubborn pests you can have. You could spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter chemical sprays and still not see much of a difference. This fact makes many people turn to the Internet to find natural home remedies to deter the bugs they have in their home.

Here are a few of those common home remedies and why they are an absolute waste of your time.

Drowning the Roaches with Water Traps

They say it is as simple as filling several jars with water and placing them in random places throughout your home. They say the roaches will naturally climb inside for a drink and fall in, drowning in the process.

If it was this simple to get rid of cockroaches, you would find jars of water sitting in homes across the country, but this remedy is definitely busted. Roaches can swim, they do not drown easy, and they are master climbers. They can actually live without air for as much as 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to get out of a jar when you have complex legs.

Freezing the Roaches out of the Home

Unless you live in the middle of the arctic circle with no other houses around, freezing out roaches will most likely not work. Even in cold weather, cockroaches will do whatever they have to in order to find heat. They will hide in power outlets, in electronics, near animals, and jut abut anywhere heat can be found. If there is nothing available for heat, they will travel to the next available house or apartment and come back later.

Killing Roaches with Alcohol

One of the more bizarre home remedies for killing out cockroaches involves creating a concoction of clear, odorless liquor and sweet syrup of your choice. The mixed drink concoction is meant to be placed in shallow trays around the home to invite the pests for a drink, hopefully poisoning them with alcohol in the process. Unfortunately, roaches will likely avoid the liquor altogether and unless you can spray it directly on them, you are just wasting your time.

You may be able to jump online and find all kinds of ways you can get rid of roaches in your home of apartment, but that does not mean that everything will work. If you are having issues with roaches, it is best to work with professional pest control services such as Bug Busters to eliminate the problem.