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3 Types Of Technology Used In Property Management

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Keeping up with technology is important in almost every industry, including the property management business. If you are currently looking for a property management firm to hire to manage your rental properties, you may want to ask what types of new technology they are using before you hire them. New trends in technology help these companies offer better services, and here are three newer services you may want to find in the property management firm you hire.

Online Payments

According to a recent study, 37.8% of people asked stated that they never write checks. These individuals might use cash to buy things and pay their bills, but they are more likely to use electronic forms of payment.

Today, people have numerous options when it comes to electronic forms of payment, and a lot of people prefer using these options because they are easier. If you are looking for a property management firm to hire, you may want to look for one that is set up to accept electronic payments.

By offering this to your tenants, they will not only have an additional way to pay their rent, but they will also have a simpl, convenient method to use. This could help your rental property business collect more rent each month, and it could also be an incentive for people to pay on time.

Automated Phone Call Reminders

A second type of technology useful in the property management industry is automated phone call services. This is an easy way for property management firms to send messages, reminders, and notifications like the following to tenants:

  • Remind tenants that rent is due
  • Inform tenants about fees that will apply to late rental payments
  • Notify them about upcoming maintenance or repairs
  • Instruct them about parking restrictions

This type of system can be extremely handy, and it can deliver automated messages to land lines or cellphones.

Mobile App Services

Finally, you may want to hire a property management firm that has an established mobile app available for tenants. Tenants could use this mobile app to:

  • Pay rent or look up balance on account
  • Request repairs for work that is needed
  • Ask questions
  • View notifications
  • Set up reminders about rent payments

Smartphones are very popular today, and people like using mobile apps because of the convenience they offer.

Hiring a property management firm that uses new types of technology may be beneficial to your rental property business. To learn more, contact a property management firm in your area. For more information, contact a professional like CJ Real Estate, Inc.