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Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

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Knowing that you need to sell your home quickly can put an incredible amount of stress on you and your family. A plethora of home improvement sites offer you almost too many tips for making your home more attractive to buyers, but some of the information may seem contradictory. However, you can successfully implement some home improvement ideas if you combine expert help and common sense.

Stand Out/Blend In 

Any number of online sites will tell you to repaint your house but to stick to safe colors. However, other sites will tell you that your home needs to "stand out." This varying advice can make your head spin. How can you make your house different from the neighbors without going overboard? Instead of painting your Midwestern home purple, which screams "trying too hard," try relying on other distinctive details. You can add color with matching trim, or focus on creating an eye-catching landscaping feature. A lawn fountain or super-smart patio can be just the things to give your home a special feel. 

Remove Personality

Once you've given your home's exterior some personality, you need to remove yours from the interior. Of course, you love all the personal touches you've put into your home's interior, but when folks are looking to buy, they want to imagine themselves in your space, something that is harder if Grandma Perkins' portrait is hanging on the wall or your late dog Puffy is stuffed and standing by your recliner. Take down everything that is too personal or flamboyant and put it out of sight. You can box it up and stow it in the garage or invest in a storage unit for a month or so. Just remember to remove anything that might intrude into a buyer's home fantasy. 

Also, apply the paint rule to the interior of your home as well. You may love that bright red wall in your bedroom, but it may turn off more conservative buyers. Neutral doesn't have to mean boring, but if you must err colorwise, do it on the side of caution. 

Selling your home quickly may mean taking some actions that go against your personal taste. Just remember that these short-term measures can mean long-term financial security and a chance to put your imprint on another house. Once you are settled into the new property, allow yourself a few liberal color choices and go wild with the family photos. You will deserve it. For more information, visit websites like