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Three Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Condo As A Social Butterfly

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If you are a major extrovert who loves being the life of the party, living around people can be best for you. As a social butterfly, you can take the best advantage of your social skills while living with others. A condo in the city is prime real estate for any extrovert to live for a number of reasons. Here are some ways to get the most out of condo living as a social butterfly. 

Organize groups in the common areas

If you live in a condominium complex, you are likely to have several common areas. The typical areas that complexes will offer are meeting rooms, areas to host dinner parties, theaters for movies, or libraries. Depending on the space that is available you may be able to host several dozen people at one time. If you want to find others who enjoy similar activities, consider opening up a club for one of your favorite activities and hosting it in the common area. For instance, if you enjoy reading, you may want to become the host of the local book club and host meetings inside of your complex common room a few times a month. 

Set up a patio to die for

In lieu of an actual yard, many condominiums will have a patio or balcony. Even with a smaller patio, you can set up a space that will allow you to host several friends. Put a bench against two opposite sides of the balcony that will offer bench seating for several people. In the center of the benches, place a square or rectangular table. This will provide you with space to host friends for games, dinner, or a nighttime drink while watching the sunset. If you live in a hot climate, set up a shade that you can pull down at the very edge of the balcony for a relief from the sun's rays during the day. 

Develop a favorite space within walking distance

Just like you see in sitcoms and movies it is possible to become a regular at a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop where everybody will know your name. Find a space that is within walking distance of your condo and has a menu and an aura that you enjoy. Start heading by several times a week and getting to know the staff. Not only will you have a place in your neighborhood that you will enjoy, but you will likely meet other regulars with interests similar to yours. This can help jumpstart your search for more socialization in your area.