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3 Tips That Will Help Get Offers On Your House Over The Holidays

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Some people say that the holiday season is one of the worst times of the year to put your house up for sale. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, it may be one of the best times. You will not only have a less saturated market with less fierce competition, but you will also have more motivated buyers. As you can see, the holiday and winter season definitely has its advantages to other times of the year. If you decide to put your home up on the market over the holidays, here are a few tips that will help increase your chances of getting an offer on your home:

Feel Free to Decorate, But Don't Over-Do It.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to decorate the home for Christmas, but you don't want to go overboard. After all, you never know how the potential buyers feel about the holiday. Plus, too much or too large of decorations can cause the home to look and feel cluttered and disorganized. This is the last thing that you want. When decorating, stick to minimal decorations, such as a well-decorated tree, a stylish wreath on the door, and lighted garland on the mantel.

Focus on the Exterior Curb Appeal.

Since the exterior of the home is the first thing that buyers are going to see, you need to make sure that you focus on the maintenance of this area. Make sure that you rake up any leaves that have fallen from the trees, trim the trees, touch up the exterior paint on the home, clean out the debris in the gutters, etc. Also, make sure that the driveway and sidewalks are free from any snow and ice so that buyers won't slip as they walk up to the home for showings.

Be Flexible with Showing Times.

As already mentioned, individuals looking to buy at this time of the year are particularly motivated. They are normally ready to buy pretty quickly, so you don't want to make them wait. For that reason, you want to have your schedule cleared as much as you can for showings. Obviously, you won't want to show on certain days, such as Christmas Day, and this is understandable. However, keep blocked dates to a minimum.

Plus, you never know who may want to look at your home. It may be someone that has come into town to visit family and is considering moving to the area. If this is the case, they'll need to look at the home – and possibly make an offer – before they leave after the holidays. So make sure that you or your realtor is available as much as possible to show the home to potential buyers.

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