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Look For These Criteria When Helping Your Elderly Parents Buy A Home

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If your parents are getting up in age and live a fair distance from you, you may consider helping them relocate closer to where you live. This way, you can be available to help them in a variety of ways, especially as their mobility and possibly even their health begins to decline. If your parents aren't yet ready for a retirement home, you can help them find a suitable home to buy in your area. The close proximity of this home to your home isn't the only factor to think about. You should also make sure that this home meets the following criteria.

Suitable Neighborhood

Even though your parents will be living close to your family and you'll likely spend lots of time together, you want them to also enjoy a social life of their own. For this reason, focus your search for a suitable home for them in an appropriate neighborhood. You might wish to look for houses for sale in 60+ communities, for example. Moving your parents into a home in such an area will give them a better chance of quickly bonding with neighbors who belong to a similar age demographic as them.

Accessible Home

While your parents' mobility might be fine now, it's important to think into the future when you're looking for a home for them. Two-level houses are often a poor choice; struggles with the stairs can cause your parents to have to move out sooner than necessary. Instead, focus your search on a bungalow. This type of residence is often perfectly suited for the elderly due to everything being located on the main floor. While many bungalows are also equipped with basements, your parents won't have to use the basement regularly if their mobility begins to fade.

Convenient Surroundings

Your parents will likely appreciate a home that is situated not only close to your home, but also to the surroundings that they'll be using. A home that is centrally located to medical clinics, supermarkets, community centers, libraries, and other such features is ideal for people who may not wish to drive long distances. Think of your parents' particular interests during your search. For example, if they enjoy walking outdoors, try to find a home that is close to a park or a walking trail. If they enjoy the fine arts, find a home close to a fine arts center or near a public transportation stop that will take them to such a location.