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Don't Use The Term "Luxury" Unless Your Home Has These Characteristics

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When you're writing the description of your home to include in your listing upon putting the property up for sale, it's vitally important to be as honest as possible. No prospective buyer appreciates reading a series of enticing details about a home, only to schedule a showing and find out that the home isn't exactly as glamorous as the listing indicated. You may feel tempted to use the word "luxury" in your listing, especially if you've added luxurious items to your home such as a hot tub, professional landscaping, or home theater. While the exact use of this term can vary, it's generally a good idea to only describe your listing in this manner if the following characteristics are present.

Prime Location

You shouldn't describe your home as a luxury home unless it's located in a prime area. For example, the home may back onto a private golf course, have extensive waterfront, or be located inside a gated community. These characteristics are commonly viewed as "luxury" by those perusing the local real estate listings. Stay away from deeming your home to be a luxury home because of self-imposed location-based reasons. For example, you might like that the home is near an upscale subdivision, but unless it's actually inside the subdivision, you shouldn't call your home a luxury home.

Enhanced Interior Features

There are a number of features inside a home that can make it fall into the luxury category. Some of these features may have been present when you bought the home, while you may have added others over the years. Luxury features can include granite countertops in the kitchen, hardwood flooring in rooms such as the living room and bedroom, smart functionality, and other such features can all fit under the luxury header.

Increased Size

The size of your home can often make it a luxury property, although it's a good idea to contact a local real estate agent who specializes in luxury listings to ensure that your home is large enough to use this term. This is important because what may be called luxury in a small rural community wouldn't necessarily be seen as luxury in an upscale suburban area. A home that is several thousand square feet and that has a large lot will often fit the luxury description, especially if the home also has the above criteria. For example, a large home or a home with a lot of acreage doesn't necessarily make it luxury.