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Why Homes For Sale May Be Listed As Four Different Prices On Four Different Apps/Sites

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When you are house-hunting, you may search real estate websites as well as house-hunting apps (e.g., Zillow). Once you find a house you are searching for, you may be surprised to discover that it is listed as four different prices on four different apps and sites. There are actually good reasons for this. Here's more on why this might have happened and what you can do with this information when placing a bid on the house.

Reason Number One: Not All the Sites Have Been Updated to the Current Asking Price

If the house is being sold by the owner, he or she may not have updated all the sites with the current asking price. As such, it may be featured with different prices on the real estate apps. Updating the price on a real estate website also relies on the immediate attention of the agent and communication to said agent by the homeowner. Lack of communication or a real estate agent that forgets to update the price will result in a wide variety of prices asked for the same property.

Reason Number Two: The House May Have Been on the Market a Long/Short Time

When a house has been on the market a short time and the prices are all different, it means that the homeowner has tried desperately to sell it quickly. When the house has been on the market a long time and the prices are different, it means that the price has dropped or raised a lot in conjunction with property values. Also, because of the length of time the house has been for sale, the various websites and apps have simply stopped checking up on it because of lack of interest.

Reason Number Three: Too Many Agencies Mixed in the Sale Pot

Another possible reason that you may see several different prices on the same house is because the homeowner hired more than one agent and agency to sell it. While this is overkill because one agency/agent is more than enough, the owner carried the common misconception that more agents and agencies is better than one.

What You Can Do Upon Discovering This Information

This confusing jumble of asking prices on the same house can work to your advantage. Maybe the current asking price in reality is higher than the lowest price you found, or maybe the highest price is the oldest price. As such, you know you can place a bid on these homes for sale for the lowest amount asked. When the real estate agent says that that is not feasible, you simply show him/her the website or app listing that shows that price. The agent then has no choice but to ask the owner if the owner is still willing to sell the house for that price. You may want to talk about this with your own agent, from a place like Aksania Reczek - AllStars Realty