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Why Hire A Security Guard For Your Event?

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Even if you're not a professional event planner, there may come a time when you need to host an event of your own for whatever reason. Art exhibit openings, weddings, and live music performances are all commonly held by people without formal experience in event planning. While you're making sure you have all your bases covered, it's important that you don't forget security. Even small venues can benefit from the services of a professional security guard. Here are four reasons you should consider hiring one for your next event:

1. Check identification at the door.

If you're serving alcohol at your event, you need some way to prevent minors from getting access to it. You can face severe fines or even jail time for giving alcohol to someone under the age of 21. A security guard can check IDs as people enter the event. They can turn people who are underage away at the door if you prefer to keep your entire event limited to people who are 21 or older. If you do want to host an all-ages event, the security guard can stamp the hands of people who are of age so they can easily be differentiated from minors.

2. Ensure people don't sneak in.

Setting a door price can help you recoup some of the costs you incurred hosting your event. People sometimes try to sneak into events without paying, which can drastically reduce your profits. A security guard can monitor the entrances of your event so no one sneaks in without permission. This is an excellent way to make sure ticket-holders get the access they paid for with minimal fuss, so your event stays fair for everyone.

3. Keep things calm.

People can sometimes get rowdy at events. The general festive atmosphere combined with liquor means sometimes people may behave in ways they wouldn't normally act. A security guard is there to help in case anything gets out of hand. If a patron begins acting belligerent, your security guard can have a word with them, asking them to settle down. If they refuse to calm down, your security guard can escort them off the premises.

4. Allow you to relax.

Worrying about something going wrong at your event can make it hard to enjoy it. Security guards are available to keep everyone safe and ensure the rules of the venue are respected. Having someone there to provide this service can take a weight off your mind, allowing you to relax for the duration of the party or show.