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Things To Look For When Buying Hunting Land

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Have you always dreamed of owning your own hunting land? Making those dreams come true can be so exciting. But in your excitement, you do not want to accidentally buy a piece of land that doesn't suit your needs as well as it could. Here are some key things to pay attention to as you look at hunting land for sale.

How close are neighboring homes?

You might come across what initially appears to be a nice piece of hunting land, only to find that it's surrounded on all four sides by homes, so you can only safely hunt a couple of acres in the very center. Always drive right around the outside of a lot, and aim to find land that is surrounded by more rural land and other hunting properties so you don't have to worry about safely hunting near residences.

How mature is the brush?

You want hunting land that has plenty of brush, as this makes it easier to hear your prey approaching, and it also creates spots where the prey will hide and relax, allowing you to make your move. However, you don't want the brush to be so dense that you can't make your way through it. (Unless, of course, you don't mind spending a year brush hogging and doing lots of work to create paths before you really begin hunting.)

Does anyone else currently have permission to hunt the land?

Often when people own large pieces of unused land, they give their friends or acquaintances permission to hunt the land. If you are buying this land as hunting land, you will want these people off of it. Make sure you have your real estate agent ask the landowner if anyone else has permission to hunt it. The owner should contact these people well in advance of the sale and let them know their permission has ended.

Do you see evidence of prey?

When walking around the land, keep your eyes out for evidence of prey. You'll probably be noisily tromping around, so you probably won't see much prey. But you may see droppings, footprints, and evidence that they've been eating the brush and grass. If you don't see any evidence of the presence of your prey, this may not be as good of hunting land as you were hoping.

If you pay attention to the factors above, you are more likely to find hunting land that truly suits your needs. Enjoy the process, and enjoy the hunt. To get help looking for recreational land for sale, talk to a real estate agent.