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4 Services A Real Estate Agent Offers Before Listing Your Home

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When you list your home, you put it up for sale with the public. You need a real estate agent to achieve this goal, and hopefully, the agent will work hard to find a buyer for you. Before you complete the listing agreement, your agent will provide several services to you. Here are four of the common ones that listing agents offer.

1. An Analysis of Your Home Value

One essential step of listing a home is determining the asking price. The asking price is what potential buyers will see when browsing through listings, and most buyers filter by price. Therefore, asking the right price will help you sell your home. To determine the right price, your agent will analyze your home's value. They will compare your house to similar properties, and they will tell you an approximate value. You can choose the amount you want to ask, but it is beneficial to stick with the range the agent offers when explaining the analysis of your home value.

2. A Description of Things to Do

The second thing to expect is a description or list of things to do to your property. Agents have a history of working with buyers. As a result, they know what buyers want in homes. If your home lacks anything or needs work, the agent might suggest making some changes. While you do not have to complete all the tasks they suggest, it can benefit you to do these things.

3. Professional Photos and Other Related Services

Your agent will want to have professional photos of your home to use in the listing, so they will hire a professional photographer to take these. If you would like additional services, such as a drone video of your property, the agent might also provide this to you.

4. Installing Several Things on Your Property

Finally, your real estate agent will install several things on your property. First, they will put up a sign in your front yard to advertise that your home is for sale. Secondly, they might place a lockbox on the front of your home to provide access to your house to all real estate agents.

These are some of the real estate services you can expect from a listing agent when you decide to sell your home. If you have questions or want to list your house, contact a real estate agent in your city.