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Why Two Roommates Should Look For a Three-Bedroom Townhouse

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If you plan on living with one roommate, then you may figure you should look for a two-bedroom apartment or townhouse, right? You certainly could. Many roommates happily live together in a two-bedroom space. However, if you have a little extra money in your budget, you may instead want to look for a townhouse that has three bedrooms. Here are the benefits of opting for the larger 3-bedroom space.

You can get a third roommate if needed

If you have two roommates living in a three-bedroom townhouse, then there is always the option of having a third roommate move in. If one of your close friends is in a bind, you can let them move in with you without having to share your space or let them stay on the couch. Also, if you or your current roommate lose your job or run into some financial stress, you can take on a third roommate and start splitting the rent three ways, rather than two. This will save you a bit of money on rent, which will help you get by until you're in a better place financially.

Friends can stay overnight more comfortably

When you have a friend visit from out of town, or when you party late into the night and a friend cannot safely drive home, they can stay in your spare bedroom. This is more convenient for everyone than having a friend stay on the couch. You and your roommate can continue using the living room as normal when the third friend is staying in the spare bedroom. Your friend will also enjoy the privacy. Friends are less likely to leave irresponsibly after drinking if they know there is a comfortable bedroom where they can stay.

You have extra space to stash things

When you have two people sharing a townhouse, there tend to be a lot of extra things that store up. You might have decor you don't have a space for or off-season items that you need to store. If you have a third bedroom, you can use it to store some of these extras, which will mean there's less clutter in the rooms you actually use. You won't have to rent a storage unit, either, which can save you money.

Having the option to invite a third roommate in, let a friend stay, and store more things can make a three-bedroom townhouse rental a great choice for two roommates.